Summer camps of Orphan’s Promise

Do you remember your first trip without your parents? A class trip or maybe a scout camp? Surely these are memories that you hold in your hearts to this day. The fellowship with close friends, the excursions, crazy games, and funny conversations over dinner together are moments that leave their mark on us.

Such camps are important events for children and young people to develop, become more independent, and discover new talents and qualities outside their everyday lives.

For many children, it is also the only opportunity for a vacation. Especially children who are raised by single parents or have several jobs and cannot afford a trip to go away.

The kids enjoyed the sunset and their time at the summer camps

In 2020, the camps could not take place regularly due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, the staff put together a special program that took place in the hometowns. The children and youth spent the day in fellowship and then stayed overnight at home. Therefore, we are happy that our Orphan’s Promise projects were able to organize several camps this year.

In total, three different camps took place, in which about 120 children and young people from the projects were able to participate. They went to the Plöner See and for the teen group of girls to the Baltic Sea.

The time was characterized by great activities such as canoeing, cross-country games, workshops, city rallies and fun games like soap field hockey. At the children’s camp, some of the children heard about the Gospel for the first time, because many of them do not come from Christian homes. Two Muslim girls told how they had repeatedly dreamed about Jesus during this time and then started peppering the staff with questions about God and Jesus.

The leaders also experienced a change in other children. One boy, who was always pushing the boundaries and rules and trying to provoke staff, was already greatly changed on the second day. He started singing worship songs at breakfast and always looked forward to the services and worship times. He always stayed until the last song and praised God with all his heart and soul.

The leisure time to the Baltic Sea also did a lot of good for the girls. Again and again, they told the staff how grateful they were for this time and how good of a time they were having. The memories of paddle boating, the conversations and walks on the beach were formative events for the participants.

One evening the sunset on the beach was a particular highlight for many. The group cozied up with fairy lights and snacks and a staff member shared her personal story with God. The teens listened intently to how the leader had come to know Jesus and how she had changed her life. The teens were very touched by the testimony and asked important questions.

One staff member shared, “It was so fun to bless the girls with our time and attention, but it was also great to just be generous. It was so nice to see how grateful the girls were for a little luxury and to be able to relax during those days.”

We want to thank you for your support and generosity. Through your support of Orphan’s Promise, you are making it possible for so many children to have good and beautiful memories and experiences that will shape them and remain in their hearts for a long time.

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