Superbook – The Bible Adventure Series for the Whole Family!

Superbook brings the exciting stories of the Bible to life! The characters, Chris and Joy, al0ng with Robot Gizmo, travel the globe with Superbook and discover the stories of the Bible, from creation to revelation. The adventures are not only exciting and entertaining, but also teach the children Bible truths and values. They also learn something applicable for their own lives with each episode. So far, there are five seasons in the German market, the first four with 13 episodes each and now the fifth season with 16 Episodes!

FSK recommendation: From 6 years

Superbook Season 1


In Season 1, children and adults can travel through the entire Bible through 13 succinct stories. Included are the classics of biblical stories such as “The Ten Commandments” or the fight of “David versus Goliath”. In the four stories, “The First Christmas,” “True Wonders,” “Who Is the Greatest?” And “Risen,” the focus is on Jesus’ life, telling the story of his birth, the Passionate, and his resurrection. “Escape to Damascus” deals with the conversion of the Apostle Paul, and “The Final Battle” casts a glance into the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

Superbook Season 2


In the second season, CBN 2017 expanded the range of biblical stories with popular classics such as Noah’s Ark and the Story of the Prodigal Son. In addition, stories of the Bible have been included that are not treated as often in children’s bibles or in children’s services. These include e.g. the story of Rahab, who, at the risk of his life, saved the life of Israeli scouts, or Job, who in his own great grief held fast to his trust in God. The story of Gideon, who needed an extra invitation to find his vocation and in the end was hailed as Israel’s Liberator, is also told in Season Two.

Superbook Season 3


The 13 episodes of Season 3 play mostly in the Old Testament. There are two episodes in which the prophet Elisa plays a role: in the healing of the Syrian Naaman and in the attack of Syrian troops on Israel. But there is also the touching story of Ruth and Boaz, and Nehemiah’s steadfastness in rebuilding Jerusalem. Particularly exciting is the story of the Tower of Babel, in which the bow is beaten at Pentecost. Additonally, the “classic” story of the Good Samaritan.

Superbook Season 4


Chris, Joy and Gizmo experience 13 new bible adventures with Superbook. They meet Josua and Caleb, King Solomon, Elijah and Jeremia, Jesus and his disciples and the apostel Paul. Learn, how Jesus taught his disciples how to pray!





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Superbook is also available for children’s services –

The Church Edition

For the first season of Superbook there is also accompanying material for children’s services. Devotions and game suggestions around the Superbook episodes help Kigo employees to create varied hours.

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