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Superbook Academy

Take your Sunday school on an adventure with Chris, Joy and their robot Gizmo. Travel with them back in time to discover biblical truths they can use every day and will change their lives. Gizmo and his friends explain biblical history and how each story points to Jesus!

Save time with detailed lesson plans and activities created to teach biblical truths.

What to expect:


Featuring 13 courses and 39 individual lessons so far, Superbook Academy provides churches with impactful lessons. Every lesson starts with an exciting Superbook adventure. In each episode, Gizmo and his friends discover Biblical truths they can use every day. And they learn how each story points back to Jesus.

You can easily customize the curriculum for the ages of the children you’re teaching and the size of your group with in-depth Bible studies, fun games, and printable crafts that drive home those Biblical truths.

More and more courses and lessons will be added in time.


Along with the Superbook episode, the bible background takes children on a journey through the archaeological evidence that exists in the world today to support the concepts in each lesson.

The signpost videos reveal the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ throughout Scripture and illuminate the wonderful plan of Salvation from Genesis to the New Testament.

Superbook Academy is an adventure for kids that is biblical accurate, fun, and media rich.

Superbook Academy …

… teaches God’s plan of redemption from creation to revelation.

can be used for Sunday school, classes, vacation programs or other events.

can be adapted to different age groups or lesson durations.

is suitable and adaptable for large or small group sizes.

enables staff to plan, prepare and present.

includes interactive video material.

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