CBN – A worldwide network

CBN Deutschland is part of the internationally active Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which was founded in 1960 as a TV station in the USA and is today one of the largest (TV) ministries in the world. The CBN network now has offices in 16 countries. CBN is a non-profit organization whose heart’s desire is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. In doing so, CBN not only uses television, but also new technologies and media channels. In addition, it is heavily involved with partner relief organizations and humanitarian projects to help people with practical help.

The first studio is built (1975)

CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

The emergence of CBN in Germany

The German branch of CBN was founded in 2007 under the management of Andreas Waldmann as CBN Germany / Club700 e.V. However, the idea for a German spin-off arose two years earlier, in 2005, when Swiss producer Marc Villiger and Peter Darg, the then head of CBN England had the idea to produce a German-language version of “The 700 Club.” The 700 Club is a CBN TV program where people talk about their experiences with God and pray with the audience. It originated from a donation appeal in 1961, which looked for 700 partners willing to continue the work with a monthly contribution of $10. The show was so well received among viewers that The 700 Club became a permanent fixture and became an integral part of the TV work. To date, The 700 Club is the flagship of CBN and one of the longest continuously broadcasting TV programs in the world.

Club700 goes on air

In 2007, the German version Club700 went on air for the first time. Since the first episode, the moderator team Sabine Bhandari and Andreas Waldmann have been leading through the program in which people and their experiences are portrayed with God. The program was first recorded in the USA. In 2010, the production was then relocated to Europe. Since 2013, an international team has been producing the magazine with French colleagues at CBN Studio in Brussels.

Club700 becomes Erlebt TV

After more than 10 years, the show got a completely new look: starting with the studio, the graphics and ending with the name, the show was revised and modernized – but the popular content has remained the same! From December 2019 the TV magazine went on air under the title Erlebt TV.

The prayer hotline

In the spring of 2007, the prayer hotline was set up in Germany. It has been an integral part and an important pillar of CBN Deutschland’s work right from the start. After that, Austria and Switzerland have their own hotlines. Thousands of calls and emails are answered by the prayer team every year.

CBN for Kids – Superbook

In 2015, another long-awaited project could be realized. For a long time CBN Germany had the heart to teach children the stories of the Bible. With the animation series Superbook, CBN Germany brought the reissue of the globally successful CBN animated classic to the German market for the first time. The Church Edition, specifically for the use of Superbook in Children’s church services, was developed and has been available since 2016.

The ERLEBT Magazine

In February 2017, CBN DEUTSCHLAND published ERLEBT Magazine for the first time. The print magazine strives to give spiritual input to partners and CBN interested parties. Additionally, ERLEBT keeps partners informed and up to date on the work of CBN Germany.


CBN today

CBN Deutschland has been in steady growth for years. What began in 2007 as a small team with married couple, Ruth and Marc Villiger in Switzerland, and Andreas Waldmann in southern Germany is today an official office in Hamburg, Germany. With 12 permanent employees and numerous volunteers who are involved in the prayer hotline. Andreas Heerwagen took over the management in September 2018 as successor to Andreas Waldmann

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