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Our Team

You would like to know who is behind CBN Deutschland? Introducing our Team!

  • Andreas “Pitti” Heerwagen
    Andreas “Pitti” Heerwagen Director
  • Anke Forberger
    Anke Forberger Chief Editor
  • Christoph Scheytt
    Christoph Scheytt Technical Manager
  • Sabine Schulze
    Sabine Schulze TV Producer
  • Simon Tatje
    Simon Tatje Financial Manager
  • Diana Jeruto Lagat
    Diana Jeruto Lagat Operation Blessing – Europe Manager
  • Rebecca Ulbrich
    Rebecca Ulbrich Manager Prayer Hotline
  • Evert Trollip
    Evert Trollip Superbook Coordinator
  • Anja Scholl
    Anja Scholl Editor
  • Lars Osterwald
    Lars Osterwald Graphic Designer
  • Julia Brinkmann
    Julia Brinkmann Operation Blessing – Europe Coordinator
  • Deborah Heerwagen
    Deborah Heerwagen Orphan's Promise – Regional Coordinator German Speaking Region
  • Andreas Waldmann
    Andreas Waldmann Host / Editor Erlebt TV
  • Marzia Plichta
    Marzia Plichta Host ERLEBT TV
  • Mirjam Nitsch
    Mirjam Nitsch Host Erlebt TV
  • Sabine Bhandari
    Sabine Bhandari Host Erlebt TV
  • Sina Bruns
    Sina Bruns Editorial and Production Assistance
  • Janos Hench
    Janos Hench Project Manager
  • Samuel Prietz
    Samuel Prietz Cutter
  • Elvire
    Elvire Prayer Hotline
  • Gaby
    Gaby Prayer Hotline
  • Albert
    Albert Prayer Hotline
  • Petra
    Petra Prayer Hotline
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