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High-quality films about Jewish and Christian history

The CBN Documentary Team produces high-quality films that deal primarily with Jewish and Christian history as well as biblical archaeology in the Middle East. Well-founded research, contemporary witnesses and expert voices make the CBN documentaries a high-quality experience. Re-enactment scenes and filming at original locations make biblical topics even more vivid for the viewer. Learn more about the times, backgrounds and secrets of the faith of Jews and Christians.

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No one has influenced the course of history as profoundly as Jesus of Nazareth. However, his role as the Messiah of Israel and his significance for the rest of the world is still doubted by some today. Rightly so? CBN explores these questions in a six-part series. Historians, archaeologists and biblical scholars have their say and vividly illustrate the connections between Old Testament prophecies and the coming of the Messiah.

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In Our Hands


In our Hands Cover

When the Arab nations came together in May 1967, they were united by the goal of wiping Israel off the map. The existence of the barely 20-year-old state was threatened – but in 2018 it still exists! See how 6 days in June 1967 changed history forever in a moving documentary about the battle for Jerusalem!


DVD: 14.99 € *

Treasures of the Second Temple



In 70 AD, Roman legions destroyed the Second Temple in Jerusalem. However, eyewitnesses reported for several centuries that the treasures of the temple were not destroyed but taken to Rome, Carthage and Byzantium. There, however, they disappeared without a trace. So where is the temple treasure today?

Exciting CBN documentary on the trail of a mysterious story!

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