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Addiction, troubled relationships, illnesses and tragedies – the people in ERLEBT TV report on these and other challenges. But the stories of those affected have one thing in common: they experienced God in these situations. The program gives viewers hope in difficult situations. Experiencing the authentic stories of others encourages and strengthens their own trust in God. The magazine show with presenters Marzia Plichta, Sabine Bhandari, Mirjam Nitsch and Andreas Waldmann invites people to encounter God.

About the production

ERLEBT TV (formerly Club700) is broadcast on various TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is also available on YouTube. The German-language edition has been on air since 2007. It is an adaptation of the American The 700 Club, CBN’s flagship TV program. In December 2019, Club700 became ERLEBT TV. For a long time, the show was recorded by the German production team with an international crew in the CBN studio of their French colleagues in Brussels, but since 2022, production has been taking place in CBN Deutschland’s in-house studio. ERLEBT TV has entered a new era with a new set, design and name but familiar content. In ERLEBT TV, people from all over the world report on how they have encountered God and how he has completely changed their lives.

Time and again, viewers are deeply touched by these life stories. CBN therefore offers the opportunity to pray together. The staff of the prayer hotline pray for and with the viewers in a confidential setting.

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