Erlebt TV (formerly Club700) is a TV program from CBN Deutschland. It is broadcast on various TV stations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and is also available on Youtube. The program is recorded by the German production team, including an international crew at the CBN studio in Brussels. Since 2007, the German-language edition is on air. It is an adaptation of the American “The 700 Club,” the flagship in the TV area of ​​CBN. In Erlebt TV, people from all over the world share how they have met God, and how He has completely changed their lives. Andreas Waldmann leads the show with Sabine Bhandari or Mirjam Nitsch.

Again and again, viewers are strongly touched by the life stories. CBN, therefore, offers the opportunity to pray together. The staff of the prayer hotline pray for and with the viewers confidentially.

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