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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation to “demilitarize and denazify Ukraine” at about 5 a.m. Kiev time on February 24, 2022. A few minutes later, missile attacks on key cities in Ukraine began. CBN, with its relief organizations, Operation Blessing and Orphan’s Promise, have been in the field since early March. 

Along Ukraine’s border with Russia, there has been ongoing fighting for eight years. Already during this time, our aid organization, Operation Blessing, has sent important relief supplies to the besieged areas of Ukraine and taken care of medical aid. With the attacks in February of this year, people have now been confronted with a new, terrifying reality. The regular artillery shelling to which they had become accustomed turned into intense shelling and rocket attacks. Suddenly they found themselves on the front lines of a Russian invasion and in the midst of war. There are many wounded and dead. Large masses of people – especially women and children – flee and leave their houses and homes in order to survive. They have to say goodbye to their husbands and fathers, whom they have to leave behind in Ukraine. Although millions of people have already fled the war, there are some residents who cannot. For example, escaping with sick or elderly family members is more difficult, or people have to continue to hold out in their basements because their escape would also be life-threatening.

Through our team in Ukraine and our partner organizations in the war zone, our relief organizations, Orphan’s Promise and Operation Blessing, are already making a big difference. Together with many other helpers on the ground, we are working on the Polish and Romanian borders, for example, to help refugees who are arriving. They get warm meals, water, we arrange accommodations, help with the onward journey, and distribute care packages. We also distribute small solar chargers that can be used to charge cell phones to contact relatives or organize the onward journey.

At the same time, our teams are already busy organizing longer-term assistance on the ground to best respond to people’s needs and hardships. Orphan’s Promise and Operation Blessing are ready to help victims and refugees wherever possible. With your support, we can continue this much needed help and do much more!

Please join us in praying for peace in these dark times. And give the people from Ukraine a glimmer of hope by supporting our relief projects with a donation and we can reach out to them in their great need. 



At the Polish border, we provide the refugees with food and hygiene items, among other things. Our employee Ania speaks Polish and therefore helps with translations around the clock.

Our Ukrainian team and many helpers also provide support within the borders of Ukraine and distribute food, for example.

Our employee Rebekka is actively working at the Romanian border and also reports regularly on what help we can implement on site with our local partners.

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