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Help for the people of Israel

On October 8, 2023, sirens wailed as more than 3,000 rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, attempting to strike the Jewish state, and Israelis ran for the bomb shelters.

At the same time, a combined offensive was launched, with dozens of armed terrorists entering southern Israel by land across the border, paratroopers arriving by air and others by sea.

In light of this catastrophic event, we aim to provide much needed assistance to the affected communities.

We are in close contact with the CBN office in Israel: Dan Carlson, the director of CBN Israel, reports that they are doing well so far and he and his team are trying to provide the people on the ground with basic necessities, organize buses to bring people out of war zones and shelters to keep them safe. “We heard, that we have not had this many Jews massacred in one day since the Holocaust,” he reports.

Please support the work of CBN Israel in prayer and if you can with a donation.


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Thank you very much for your support.

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