Growing Hope for the Future

PHILIPPINES: All around the world you are changing lives through small business opportunities, skills training, and agriculture projects. These sorts of programs offer hardworking people the hand up they need to better care for their families long into the future.

Microenterprise in the Philippines
One of the ways you provide microenterprise opportunities in the Philippines is through your support of Community of Hope. Community of Hope is an organization offering livelihood options to families in need.

Microenterprise or farming in the Philippines

Difficulty Making Ends Meet
Corryn and Elsa both consider themselves simple housewives. They work hard to care for their children while their husbands have jobs

outside of the home. But both families had difficulty making ends meet for food and other basic needs.

Microenterprise through Farming in the Philippines
Then, because of you, Community of Hope came into their lives. Neither woman knew much about farming, but they decided to give it a chance. And you helped offer the agricultural education they needed to succeed with this new microenterprise in the Philippines.

“I really enjoyed farming because we were able to build good relationships among each other especially among the mothers in our community,” Corryn said. “It’s like hitting two birds with one stone—aside from farming, we were also helping to build each other up and our faith in God.”

From Prayers to Reaping and Sowing
And Elsa added, “I am glad that we are now reaping the plants we have sown. Indeed, if we sow a seed, we will reap it in due time. This is the answer to my prayer.”

Now both families have more resources, and the ladies have a new sense of pride in their accomplishments. Thanks to you they have big dreams for the future, and hope to grow their project into a well-known farm one day.

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