Marzia Plichta Joins the Team of Hosts

This October a new host joins Erlebt TV. Marzia Plichta joins the team of hosts: Andreas Waldmann, Sabine Bhandari and Mirjam Nitsch.

The trained host, actor, and singer is no stranger to Christian television, having already hosted numerous Christian TV formats on Bibel TV, among others. In October, the mother of two children from Hamburg will now be supporting the CBN team.

Marzia Plichta mit Andreas Waldmann

Andreas Waldmann and Marzia Plichta

The first episodes with Maryia were already filmed this summer. “The recordings were a total joy,” she stated after the shooting. “It’s a talented team, where everyone has a great handle of their job and approaches it with professionalism, but with whom you can also laugh heartily in between takes, despite some difficult and touching contributions during production. That really makes hosting fun! The show is a wonderful mixture of many different impressions, really touching contributions, and encouragement for people in similar situations.

In Erlebt TV, a wide variety of people share their experiences with God. But how does the new presenter experience God in her life? “God is always and everywhere in my everyday life. I experience him repeatedly every day through my two wonderful children and what they perceive and experience, but also through other people and situations where he holds me and encourages me, stands by me when things are not so easy. He shows me the beauty in small things and sometimes presents me with wonderful great gifts and people. He never let’s go of my hand, so I never have to feel alone, even if I am sometimes.

You can see the first episode with Marzia Plichta on October 9th.

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