Divine DNA

by Nanna Palkus, CBN Prayer Team

A few years ago we were vacationing in Cornwall and finally arrived in the evening at the little cottage we had booked. My husband and I were very happy about it and thanked our Heavenly Father by playing guitar and harp zither and singing along. At some point there was a knock on our door and a younger woman stood in front of it and spoke to us in a typical Cornish dialect about the music. Oh, we must have been too loud and immediately apologized. But the woman liked the music, even if she didn’t understand our language. She told us that she also followed Jesus. Then she said that her son was lying next door and was very sick. We offered to pray for him and then went to see him together. We were strangers and yet we were so familiar with each other, we felt the peace of God and His comforting presence. A few days later we went to worship together and felt at home there too. We didn’t know anyone and yet we were very connected to everyone.

Where does this connectedness come from and how is it possible? Our Heavenly Father gives us this opportunity to be one family, even though we come from different countries and cultures. This connection can only be experienced through Jesus Christ! Jesus came to earth for this purpose, to give all people the right to be accepted into the family of God. We can also call it divine DNA. This was put into us when we entrusted our lives to Jesus. Thus, we received the right to become children of God (John 1:12). 

Before the creation of the world, God destined us to become His sons and daughters through Jesus Christ. That was His plan and it is still true today! He is the Creator of the family and reveals it again and again in the Bible. God as Father, His Son Jesus Christ – our brother, and the Holy Spirit impressed upon us as a seal (Ephesians 1:5ff). 

Sometimes God describes Himself with traits of a mother, He comforts like a mother,

He cares for His children like a nursing mother (Isaiah 66:13; 60:16). This is wonderful and always makes me quiet and thankful that I am a child of God and have such a wonderful Father and so many brothers and sisters. 

Would you also like to belong to the family of God? Now at Christmas you can read the story

in Luke 1-2 and learn that God loves the world so much, and so He loves you too! He gave His only Son Jesus to be reconciled with you and to take away all your guilt and burdens. Then experience His love, the divine family and eternal life – the best gift ever.


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