by Simon Tatje, Accounting Manager at CBN Germany, worship leader and passionate musician.

Why did God give us humans a feeling for music?

I believe that music is not just a nice entertainment or a hobby, it should be an elementary part of our life and especially our faith life!

Because the Bible is full of music:

So God revealed a whole song to Moses, which he was supposed to recite to the people of Israel as teaching, admonition and reminder. (Deuteronomy 32: 1-42)

Most of the 150 psalms are actually sung prayers, which were often accompanied by music. (e.g. Psalm 4.1)

We read in many places in Revelation that heaven is also filled with music and praise. (e.g. Revelation 15: 3)

And in the New Testament the Colossians, and thus we too, are asked by Paul to sing directly to God: “[…] Sing psalms, hymns and songs inspired by God’s spirit; she sings gratefully and from the bottom of her heart to the glory of God. ” (Colossians 3:16)

God seems to love music and not without reason when it has so much space in the Bible! And when you look at what positive effects it can have on us humans, mentally and physically, you are almost speechless.

Scientists have found out that when you sing, endorphins, the body’s own happiness hormones, are released and stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are broken down at the same time. Melodies comfort us, promote relaxation, stimulate athletes to perform at their best, and during operations patients even need less anesthetics under cheerful sound. Music can reduce pain, lower blood pressure and heart rate, relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and help autistic people connect with other people.

Music works almost like a miracle cure when you read that Parkinson’s patients can start dancing with it, people with Alzheimer’s can remember, paralyzed patients can move again after a stroke and people in a vegetative state can suddenly react again.

When it comes to film music at the latest, it should become clear to us that music influences the mood and feelings of each of us. Because without the romantic strings, the hectic drums or the melancholy minor sounds, many film scenes suddenly appear very one-dimensional and bland. What kind of happy ending would it be in a romance movie if the emotional music wasn’t played during the kiss, or how boring would a crime scene be without the suspenseful music during the crime?

Musical tastes and abilities may vary, but music has an impact on each of us. And that’s why we miss something if we only live our faith with the mind. Didn’t God perhaps create us just like that – with heart, mind and emotions – and in this context also give us sensitivity to music and melodies? If we keep all this in mind, it quickly becomes clear that we cannot exclude music from our religious life. If it has so much influence on us and can penetrate our minds so deeply into the heart, then it is also a key with which we can meet God more deeply.

When I was 14 years old, my father died of cancer. I was lucky enough to have met God a short time before. The certainty that my father is now with Jesus and that he is better there helped me through this time in my mind. But still, of course, there was a lot of sadness, despair and excessive demands in me. Here music helped me to perceive my feelings and above all to express them. I started to write my own songs to God, my own psalms, so to speak, in which I expressed my questions and my grief to God, but also my hope and my faith in him, despite these circumstances. Today, many years later, music is still an integral part of my life and also of my religious life. When I’m down, I can hear encouraging music that builds me up. When I’m happy, music can underline that. And especially with us men, who sometimes do not perceive how we are feeling so easily, music can also be a barometer by which we can recognize how our heart is doing and which emotions may be buried deep within us.

I hope I was able to give you some good ideas. Do not leave it unused, but start today to integrate more music into your everyday life and your religious life. If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument – go ahead! If you can play an instrument – play it for the glory of God! Incorporate singing into your everyday life – at home, while driving, with friends and family! And next time you listen to music – ask God how your heart is and how He might like to meet you through music right now!


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